Why AL Mubashir Travels

Alhamdulillah! We aren’t just a tour operator or a travel agency facilitating Hajj Packages to Makkah and back. We take it upon ourselves to be a guide in the service of Allah (SWT) and ensure a satisfying journey to His House and back safely. Our aim is to ensure that every Hajji who decides to go for Hajj with us, has nothing coming in the way of connecting with the Almighty. Hajj is known to be one of the toughest religious journeys and therefore being in His service, we take the onus of making all the arrangements in order to provide a smooth and joyful experience for the Hajis.

Over the previous years of our service, it has been an honor for us to enable this holy journey and helping our Muslim brothers and sisters complete the fifth pillar of Islam. In our endeavor to provide a soulful experience and everlasting memories for our pilgrims we have devised customized packages over the years, to suit everyone’s needs. We do not believe in the policy of “one size, fits all” and therefore we are always open to listening to the pilgrims and are sensitive enough to understand their issues while customizing a package for them.

Another aspect of our service is facilitating Umrah packages throughout the year. Although Umrah is known to be a lesser Hajj due to lesser time consumed in fulfilling the rituals, it is still a very significant part of Islam. We make sure that we are able to fit most of the requirements of the pilgrims in our customized Hajj and Umrah packages and thereby create fond memories of the proximity to Allah. We understand that it’s a special journey and thus we strive to personalize the needs in a sophisticated way even for the budget Hajj packages.